The Camaro Fuel Gauge Mystery

The Camaro fuel gauge can be a mystery…

This is a picture of a 1969 Camaro fuel gauge found in the dash
1969 Camaro in dash fuel gauge

It can also make you the customer pull your hair out in frustration. But, The experts at Midnight Oil compiled information for an automotive publication which covered GM fuel gauges. It doesn’t matter which GM car or truck you have. The fuel gauges are basically the same. The fuel gauge may be turned sideways or have an extra ground. But, the same three prongs on the back are all the same for all GM cars and trucks. An ignition hot, a ground and a sender signal make up those connections on the back of the Camaro fuel gauge just like all other GM cars and trucks.

Since Midnight Oil specializes in restoration correct parts for the Camaro, it makes sense for us to focus on the Camaro fuel gauge. That is OK because the information on the Camaro fuel gauge can be used to diagnose and fix all other GM fuel gauges. After 1965, GM changed the gauge from 0-30 ohm to 0-90 ohm to improve accuracy. Think of going around a turn and watching the fuel gauge needle move.

Rather than writing this all out in a blog post… We shot this video for Classic Headquarters a few years back. The video is a little over 20 minutes long and covers all reproduction, AC Delco replacement and original fuel gauges. Shown in the video are several different GM fuel gauges and their configuration. It also covers those mysterious resistors found on the back of all GM fuel gauges. If you are having issues with your Camaro fuel gauge, the information contained here is extremely helpful. So, before you pony up big bucks to have have a restoration shop fix it, check out our video below. So, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and fix your Camaro fuel gauge! Enjoy.

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