The Camaro Low Fuel Warning Module Mystery

Camaro Low Fuel Warning Module

This is an image of the 1968 or 1969 Camaro Low Fuel Warning Module
1968-69 Camaro Low Fuel Warning Module

The original console gauges found in the 1967-1969 Camaro are a really desirable option these days. Unfortunately, moving the fuel gauge down to the console made it hard to see. GM engineers decided to offer a low fuel warning light/module to the Camaro starting in 1967. UPC option U17, the Camaro received a light in the dash that would come on at 1/8 of a tank. This continued under the same U17 option code in 1968-69 with the Camaro low fuel warning module putting out a different signal.

Important Info

Important information to remember when dealing with Camaro low fuel warning modules: The 1967 Camaro low fuel warning module GM part # 1596341 sends a (+) positive signal to the bulb. Meanwhile, the 1968 and 1969 Camaro low fuel warning module GM part # 1596409 sends a (-) ground signal to the bulb. The bulb in the dash on a 1969 Camaro is in the instrument cluster and plugs right in. However, the 1967-68 Camaro requires changing the dash lens to “FUEL”. The 1967 Camaro is also different because the wiring pigtail is exclusive to the 1967 Camaro and tough to find. 


Fix it

We shot this 5 minute video for Classic Headquarters a while back. It should clear up some misconceptions or problems created by trying to install a low fuel warning module to your existing gauges. This video should clear up any issues you may have with a new Camaro low fuel warning module installation as well. Since this video was made, we forgot to mention the 1967 Camaro ground wire does attach directly to the ground on the back of the gauge. If you have any questions email or call us! We’re here to help. The procedure detailed here will also work for 1968-72 Nova console gauges as well.

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