1967 Camaro Alcohol Funny Car

FASCINATION: 1967 Camaro Alcohol Funny Car


This is an image of a 1967 Camaro Fascination Drag Race Funny Car For Sale

  • Original 1967 Fiberglass body… Not a repro.
  • All original paint except where minor cracks were repaired and repainted
  • Started originally as John Carter’s “Carter Speed Engineering” Camaro
  • Last ran at the 2004 Funny Car Nationals
  • Engine: 482 CI (454 bored .125 over), Stock stroke with stock length aluminum rods, Ran last on 35% Nitro
  • Trans: Turbo 400 with reverse valve body
  • Rear Axle: Strange

The “Fascination” 1967 Camaro Funny Car started it’s life as John Carter’s “Carter Speed Engineering” Camaro which was located in Louisville, KY. At that time it had a big block Chevy running on alcohol. The car was sold locally to Phil Quire who changed the name to “Fascination” and eventually relocated to Macon, GA. During this period it was equipped with a Chrysler Hemi (490). The paint is all original except where Donnie Reeves made some minor glass crack repairs, and the paint was matched as close as possible. The frame on the car when acquired by Don, was the “ugliest thing he had ever seen”, and was switched out for the chassis from the Dave Walker Mustang then out of CA.

The funny car’s still all original fiberglass body was fabricated entirely by hand, laying ‘glass over a nearly brand new 1967 Camaro to make a mold, then hand laying more ‘glass into the mold. The otherwise exact Camaro body was “stretched” somewhat in the front clip during the final steps of the ‘glass bodies creation.

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