Why do you call yourselves Midnight Oil? Is there something dark and seedy going on here?  Not at all! We did take a lot of heat about the name in the beginning though! We always referred to  ourselves as “burning the midnight oil” when we would show up at work the next morning all bleary-eyed after pulling an all-nighter pulling an engine or getting one of our friend’s cars ready to go to a show the next morning.  Now since we have burned all that Midnight Oil, you can rest assured we are providing the best parts possible for your Camaro or Firebird.

You say you are the only place for Camaro & Firebird parts. But, you have sections for Chevelle, Nova, Impala etc. What gives?  Well, we do know a lot about Camaros, Firebirds and their parts through our years of experience. However, we do know what good parts are as well. So, we decided have sections for those car owners too.

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