This is an image of the Best Reproduction 1969 Camaro Dash Pad

My 1969 Camaro Dash Pad Does Not Fit! What Do I Do?!

This is one of the problems we hear of over the phone and online almost weekly. So, we decided to address this issue with a blog post.

Too Many Choices

There are 3-4 different manufacturers of 1969 Camaro dash pads. It doesn’t matter if you have an RS, SS, Z28, Pace car or something exotic like a Yenko… the dash pad is the same. It might be a different color or have a grab handle right below it; but, it’s still the same pad. The only exception is for a Camaro with Air Conditioning. The first problem is the molds on some of the older reproduction dash pads are getting pretty old by now and it shows! The manufacturers also have different processes and materials to make their pads (like fiberglass, vinyl, urethane, etc.) which adds to the fitment issue. Looking for an NOS GM dash pad? Newsflash… it probably won’t fit right either being the last of the run and they are ridiculously expensive.

What Are The Problems?

The most common fitment issues with a 1969 Camaro Dash Pad starts at the front. There is a reproduction out there that looks like it was cut out of the mold with a recip saw leaving messed up edges and small tears. There is another reproduction dash pad that is too short on the windshield side which does not cover the indentation behind the VIN number. Both of these pads have bent “ears” around the dash cluster due to improper handling at the factory. There is another which looks pretty good at first glance. However, the Madrid grain and the simulated stitching have flat spots in certain areas and the two-piece fiberglass insert allows it to warp over a short period of time in the sun.

What Can Be Done?

We have heard of customers taking heat guns and “fixing” the problem with the ears around the instrument carrier. But, there is no really good way to “fix” the other problems associated with a dash pad aside from purchasing a new one.

Over the years, we have used these dash pads and have come to one conclusion… The BEST 1969 Camaro Dash Pad can be found right here. Need one with Air Conditioning? It is right here.

Why are these the best dash pads for a 1969 Camaro? Check out the pictures and descriptions below…

This is an image of the leading edge of the dash pad you see through the windshield. It is nice and crisp with the Madrid grain on the front edge like it is supposed to be.
This is an image of the corner of the dash you see from inside the door. Notice how crisp the lines are at the pillar post and the beveled screw hole?
This is an image of the 1969 Camaro dash pad from the underside showing the ears at the instrument cluster. The Madrid grain continues on these surfaces like they should. Also, the manufacturer has a special box made with special packaging to protect the ears and support the steel inner spine while it is being shipped.

Midnight Oil Has You Covered

The pictures above show why our dash pads are the best. Now, if you are expecting the dash pad just to fall on the car, it isn’t going to happen that way. Dash pads need to be installed by a competent trim shop. Your buddy down the street who once did an interior in a dune buggy probably does not fit into that category. These dash pads come in black and you must paint it to match your interior color. So, if you need questions answered do not hesitate to contact us before you buy!

Ready To Buy The BEST?

Just follow the links for:
1969 Camaro Dash Pad Without Air Conditioning
1969 Camaro Dash Pad With Air Conditioning

Final Word On 1969 Camaro Dash Pad Corner Gap…

Folks who are new to the hobby or never worked on a Camaro before make the false assumption that the 69 Camaro dash pad is supposed to be exactly 54″ long and meet flush with the pillar post moldings. THIS IS NOT TRUE! There should be a gap between the dash pad and the pillar post moldings. See the image below of a Midnight Oil customer’s original survivor 69 Camaro with just 26,000 miles on the clock:

You can fit your finger between the original pad and the pillar post. The original GM dash pad is starting to curl. But, you can clearly see the dust line where the pad has sat for 50+ years. The 1969 Camaro dash pad gap can be wider if you are using ABS plastic, reproduction urethane or custom wrapped pillar post moldings.

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