NEW 1968-69 Camaro Volt Gauge For The Console

Finally! A Camaro Volt Gauge!

This is an image of the new 1968-69 Camaro Volt Gauge for the console

The original Camaro console gauge that kept an eye on the battery was the age-old amp gauge. The ammeter is its fancy name. It kept an eye on the battery by measuring the amp reading through the circuit which ran parallel to the alternator circuit. Unfortunately, amps don’t really give you a true picture of what is going on with the battery or the alternator. But, a Camaro Volt Gauge would really do the trick!

Welcome To The Future!

The Camaro enthusiasts over at Classic Headquarters have come up with a Camaro volt gauge that fits right into the console gauge housing with little fuss. Now, why is this a big deal? First of all, the volt gauge is an Officially Licensed GM Restoration Part.  Secondly, not only does this gauge keep an eye on the battery the right way; It is usually a no brainer for the LS swap crowd since LS engine wiring has a take off for a volt reading.

Easy and Cool.

If you already have a Camaro with the console gauges, you can easily install the Camaro volt gauge by drilling a couple of extra holes in the gauge plate. Then, it becomes super-easy to pick up the volt signal from either the alternator or the existing LS swap harness. Finally, you will have a good idea of what the alternator and battery are doing without having to get out of the car and get under the hood.

You Gotta Have One!

Now that you have made it this far, you can go ahead and pick up a volt gauge for your Camaro. There is no sense in not having your eye on the charging system of your Camaro. Check out our selection of console gauges for your Camaro here which includes the┬ávolt gauge. Don’t have console gauges; But, want a set with a volt gauge? No problem! Check out our complete console gauge assembly with the volt gauge. No matter if you have an RS, SS, Type LT, Z/28 or standard, Midnight Oil Musclecar Parts has all the Camaro parts you need.

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