1967-69 Camaro Z28 302 Piston Set


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Correct Reproduction 1967-69 Camaro Z28 302 Piston Set

  • Hyperutectic High performance small block Chevy 302 Piston Set
  • Available in several different bore sizes
  • Piston dome is machinable (.143″) to reduce compression to 10:1
  • Free floating wrist pin and spirolock retainers included
  • Uses 5/64″ Compression rings, 3/16″ Oil Ring
  • Sorted in sets of eight by size and weight to balance and blueprint tolerances (+/- .0004″ and 1.5 grams or better)

HI-TECH HYPEREUTECTIC HIGH PERFORMANCE SMALL BLOCK CHEVY 302 PISTON SET is  fully designed, tested, and certified by a QS-9000 and ISO-9001 OE manufacturer. The manufacturer has 30 years of experience in piston manufacture for the OE’s and the performance racing market. The CHQ 302 piston set is cast with 16-18% silicon alloy and T-6 hardened which is suitable for high performance applications. Then, the pistons are precision machined with original dome design for all 302 engines and stock compression ratio (11:1 with 64 cc heads). The new tooling was specifically made for the CHQ pistons. Specific machining cams were produced to accurately machine the profile and taper. Many manufacturers just have a few generic cams and they pick the closest one. Each alloy batch is independently tested and certified before casting. Then, the 302 piston set is hardened to specs under computer control.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 5 in
Bore Size

Standard, .030" Over, .040" Over, .060" Over


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