1967 Camaro Rallysport Headlight System Kit


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  • Best Quality Available!
  • Contains All Mechanical And Needed Electrical Components
  • Correct “Delco Remy” Marked RS Relay Plate
  • Correct Limit Switches For Proper Function
  • Includes a 1967 Assembly Manual With 12 Pages On RS System Installation
  • RS Grille, RS Fender Adapter Brackets & Wiring harnesses Sold Separately


Our, 1967 Camaro RallySport Camaro Hideaway Headlamp System Kit from Classic Headquarters is complete and technically correct!

Contains all mechanical and needed electrical component parts of the Hideaway Headlamp option, including hardware.

USA assembled RH and LH Headlamp assemblies include: Housing, hinge plate, door backing plate, outer black headlamp door cover with molding (attached with correct rivets) and door stop cushion, pivot arm, motor mounting plate, drive washer and nut set, sealed beam adjusting screws, all bushings, nuts and hardware. includes RH and LH latest generation Headlamp motors, Relay mounting plate, Three “Delco-Remy” script headlamp relays, four Headlamp limit switches, Switch hardware set, Limit switch bracket set, Switch bracket hardware set, System circuit breaker, and a complete hardware installation pack.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 17 in


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