1970-81 Camaro Power Brake Booster Without Delco Moraine Stamp


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Correct Style Reproduction Camaro Power Brake Booster

  • 11″ like the factory booster
  • Gold Cad Plating
  • No “Delco Moraine” Stamp
  • No Date Code On Rear
  • Rear push rod is non-adjustable with eyelet
  • Includes white rear firewall boot, push rods for deep and shallow master cylinder pockets and replacement check valve
  • Correct check valve available here

An old, ugly brake booster on your Camaro can lose you points at a car show. Plus, they look… well…plain ugly when the finish fades. A malfunctioning Camaro power brake booster can make hauling your Camaro back down to legal speeds difficult. Midnight Oil brings you a power brake booster for your Camaro or Firebird with bright plating at a great price.

Also Fits: 70-81 Firebird

Installer’s Note: The holes which attach the booster to the firewall may need to be adjusted slightly for fitment with a small file.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in


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