1969 Camaro Dash Pad With Air Conditioning, Superior Reproduction


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  • This Is THE BEST Reproduction Camaro Dash Pad Period!
  • Superior manufacturing by Classic Headquarters
  • Correct profile and crisp, defined edges unlike others
  • Urethane and Foam construction over plastic spine
  • One-piece steel reinforcement
  • Correct Madrid grain pattern and stitching details
  • Beautiful cut out for your center A/C vents
  • Covers indention behind your VIN number
  • Replaces original GM part # 3939653
  • Available in Black only

Midnight Oil is proud to offer the best quality Camaro dash pad you can buy for  your 1969 Camaro with AC. No matter whether you have a standard Camaro, RS, SS, Z28 or Pace Car, this is the dash pad you want in your car. Originally when  your Camaro needed it’s dash pad replaced, you had two choices… repair your original dash for big bucks or settle for a floppy reproduction that was too short and didn’t fit the metal dash properly. Those days are gone with our new superior reproduction dash pad. The CHQ Camaro dash pad is made with durability in mind. Plastic spines with a single-piece, steel reinforcement makes this Camaro dash pad fit the dash properly and hold its shape.  This pad isn’t just good or better…it is the best because it fits just as good if not better than your original GM dash pad.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 12 × 9 in


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