Dakota Digital ODB II/ Can Interface Module


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The Dakota Digital OBD-II (J1850/CAN) Interface allows you to plug directly into the engine diagnostic port, extracting engine and transmission data from the vehicle’s computer (ECM). The ODB II/ Can Interface Module will collect and output the following information to Dakota Digital Instrument Systems *:

Always available:

Engine Temp
Check Engine Indicator

Vehicle specific:

Intake Air Temp
Transmission Temp
Ambient Air Temp
Gear Position
Oil Pressure

Please note: Due to the various factory and modified ECM’s, additional data including (Intake Temp, Transmission Temp, Ambient Air Temp, Oil Pressure, and Gear Position) may be available, but will vary from application to application. Dakota Digital cannot guarantee the presence or accuracy of the Coolant Temp, Intake Temp, Transmission Temp, Ambient Air Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost or Gear Position displays since this is a function of the ECM and matching OEM functional sensors.

This product can provide a plus/minus 25 percent calibration to compensate for tire size or gear changes which have affected the speedometer output.

*The BIM-01-2 is designed to decode the information provided by the ECM through OBD-II and supply this information to the VFD3 rev. G, VHX and HDX control box instrument systems only.  Earlier control boxes (with an aluminum case) are not compatible with the BIM family of Expansion Modules.

**The BIM-01-2 is designed for J1850 and CAN OBD protocols only. If you are concerned about compatibility with your vehicle please contact Dakota Digital technical assistance.

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